Our Guide to choosing the correct Chainsaw for domestic use

August 17, 2018 by admin

Our Guide to choosing the correct Chainsaw for domestic use

Cutting firewood can be a difficult task to complete.  It can be time consuming and also tiring so why not make life a little easier on yourself and invest in a chainsaw.

Chainsaws used to be tools for forestry workers and farmers but now homeowners are using them to complete tasks such as cutting firewood or tree maintenance around their property.

There is so much to choose from when it comes to picking the right chainsaw.  But how do you know which one is right for you?   At Robert Kee Power Equipment our experienced team are always available to give advice on choosing which chainsaw is right for you.  Here are some things you should consider when choosing the right one.

Petrol, Battery or Electric

If working at home and you have a power supply close then an electric powered chainsaw could be useful for smaller tasks such as pruning trees in your garden.  In larger gardens a battery powered chainsaw would be ideal, combining the quiet zero-emission properties of an electric motor with the cordless advantages of a petrol-powered saw.  If you are working long hours in a wooded area then a petrol chainsaw is the best choice.

Power and Weight

The level of performance required will depend on the work that needs to be carried out.  If you are an inexperienced user it is best to start with a smaller saw which is easier to handle and isn’t too heavy, your arms and hands will tire if using a heavy chainsaw for long periods of time which becomes a safety risk.

Bar Length

The appropriate bar length will depend on the tree size.  If you are pruning small trees then a shorter guide bar is suitable as it is lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

Safety Features

Check for safety features on chainsaws such as easy starting, side chain tensioning, low-vibration system and low inertia chain brake which will make the chainsaw much easier for you to use and maintain.

As with all power equipment safety is such an important factor always ensure that you have the correct protective clothing whilst operating machinery.  When using a chainsaw ensure you have a helmet with eye, ear and face protection, gloves, cut resistant trousers and chainsaw boots that provide the correct level of protection.


Our Top Tips on Keeping your Hedges looking Great

July 25, 2018 by admin

Hedges have a variety of uses in our gardens, they can provide privacy, shade or a beautiful border.  Whether you want a manicured look or something a bit more creative, regular care and maintenance is required to achieve the perfect look.  Anyone who has a medium to large area of hedging to maintain should definitely invest in a good hedge trimmer – they are fast becoming one of the most popular pieces of garden equipment and having a good lightweight hedge trimmer can make a pain staking job a lot quicker and simpler.

Perfectly manicured hedge







There is such a variety of tasks that can be completed with your hedge trimmer here we have compiled our top tips for keeping your hedge looking great.

Choosing the right hedge trimmer

There is such a large selection of hedge trimmers to choose from and it can be difficult.  Battery models are ideal for those with no power source, petrol models for larger hedges and electric models are suited to smaller areas with a power supply.  Some of our most popular models are the Husqvarna 122hd60, STIHL HSA56 or the Flymo Easicut 450 Electric Hedge trimmer.

Trimming Tips

It takes a hedge between 5 and 20 years to fully mature therefore a lot of time and patience is required. Regular trimming is definitely the key to a healthy hedge. By starting to trim your hedge from a young age it makes it far more easy to manage.  When cutting your hedge you should start from the sides and cut up from the bottom in the direction of the hedge growth which will result in a much smoother finish. Tapering your hedge so that it is wider at the bottom than it is at the top ensures more light will reach the bottom of the plant and encourage growth.  Remember that hedge trimmers are powerful tools so work slowly so you don’t end up with a butchered hedge!

Clearing Up Afterwards

Hedge cutting is not the tidiest of jobs to complete but the easiest way to manage this is by laying a plastic sheet on the ground to catch the cuttings. This can be gathered up when finished and disposed of with your other garden waste.  Any cuttings left of the hedge should be picked off by hand (always ensure you wear gloves to save any cuts and scrapes from broken twigs and branches).  You can run your lawnmower over the area when finished to collect any other loose debris lying around.

Maintain your Machine

Keeping your tool in good working condition will ensure that you are getting the best performance from your hedgetrimmer.  Your machine will collect dirt, sap, leaves and other debris whilst cutting so after use carefully remove any trapped leaves and twigs with your hands then using a dry cloth and special cleaning solvent spray the blades of the trimmer and remove the solvent.

Another important task is keeping the blades sharp. Bring your hedgetrimmer into one of our stores in Laghey or Letterkenny and we can get your blades sharpened for you or if you feel confident enough doing it on your own take a look at this STIHL tutorial showing someone sharpening their trimmer blades.

When finished give your trimmer blades a spray of resin solvent again to ensure the blades don’t rust.

As with all Garden Machinery always ensure that you are wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment whilst hedge trimming always wear Eye and Ear Protection, gloves and foot protection.

If you are unsure about which machine would suit your needs best our staff at Robert Kee Power Equipment are always available to talk you through the different models available and offer valuable advise.  Call instore to our Laghey or Letterkenny Stores, phone or e-mail whichever suits best.

Happy Trimming!




Farm Safety Week – Important Safety Tips For riding your Quad

July 16, 2018 by admin

Farm Safety Week – Important Safety Tips for riding your Quad

It is now estimated that there are over 10,000 Quads in use on Irish Farms and with this increase, the amount of Quad related accidents and fatalities have also increased in recent years.  Unfortunately due to the high speeds that these vehicles can reach and the lack of protection if they overturn, they can cause considerable injuries to the driver and safety is such a huge concern.

As Robert Kee Power Equipment are one of the main dealers of Honda Quads  in Ireland we would like to highlight the importance of safety whilst operating a quad.  The causes of these accidents are usually involving some of the following points:

  • Excessive Speed
  • Carrying passengers or overloading the vehicle
  • Poor Maintenance of Quad
  • Steep Slopes combined with poor ground conditions

By following our recommendations for safe use of your quad this should limit your risk of having an accident and being properly protected and limiting your injuries if you are unfortunate to have one.

Correct training is the most important thing that must be given before anyone is operating an ATV, our sales team will go over all aspects of the quad with you prior to leaving our showroom.  No Children under the age of 16 are legally allowed to drive a Quad and proper training must be given to any users over this age.

 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
It is reported that more than half of all Quad users have been thrown off at some time.  There is no roll bar, so head protection is vital if you are to have any chance.  The appropriate PPE that Honda Ireland recommends include:

  • A Helmet and Glasses
  • Long Sleeve Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Boots

Quad’s are for single use only, DO NOT carry any passengers.  The long seat is for operator’s to shift their body weight backwards and forwards for different slope conditions, not for carrying passengers.  You should never carry a passenger in a trailer behind a Quad, as any movement can make the Quad unstable, especially at speed.

Off-road driving is hard on your quad so always ensure that is well looked after and all essential maintenance work is carried out to the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Before riding always do a pre-ride safety check on your quad walking around it and checking, Tyre pressure, throttle and brakes, chassis/driveshafts and oil and fuel.

Off-Road Only
Most Quads are for off-road use only and should not be used on public roadways.  If a quad is legally specified for road use, it should be taxed and insured correctly to comply with the rules of the road.

Farm Safety Week Banner



This week 16th -20th July is Farm Safety Week and the Irish Farmer’s Association will be highlighting all the good practice’s that are in place within the farming industry in Ireland, they will also be highlighting child safety this year.  Farm Accidents are on the increase and have claimed the lives of 23 children in the last decade and account for 11% of all farm fatalities over that period so Farm Safety Week is such an important event to highlight this, especially at this time of year when children may be spending more time on family farms during the school holidays and with it being such a busy time for farmers everyone has to be extra vigilant and ensure safety measures are always carried out to prevent any accidents happening.

The important message to get across to people is to ensure you are well protected, carry out a safety check on your vehicle before use  and take care and drive responsibly when riding in any conditions.

In conjunction with IFA – Irish Farmer’s Association we are offering 10% off all Quad Helmets and also Chainsaw Safety Equipment ordered or purchased instore or online this week from 16th – 20th July 2018.

We have Safety leaflets instore provided to us by Honda Ireland if you would like any to keep at your farm for a reminder to users then please contact our marketing department and we can send them onto you.

EGO Cordless Range – Petrol Power without the Petrol

June 28, 2018 by admin

Petrol Power without the Petrol

The world is changing fast.  Our whole society is moving away from fossil fuels and adopting cleaner, greener energy.  At EGO Power+ they believe it’s time for a new, smarter way to power through gardening and landscaping tasks.

EGO Power+ delivers petrol-matching power, just without the noise, fuss or fumes.  EGO’s industry-leading ARC Lithium 56v battery technology delivers a new level of performance, giving you the dependable power you need to keep working hard until the job’s done.

Comfortable to use, with impressive run times and fast recharge it offers the ultimate in convenience.  There are no trips to the petrol station for fuel and no more storing highly flammable liquids.

The unique patented ARC Lithium technology is designed like no other battery.  That’s why it performs like no other battery.

Kinder to your Hands, Ears, Wallet and the Environment

The Ego Power+* System delivers petrol-matching power without any of the downsides.  It’s simpler, quieter, cleaner and with less vibration it is more comfortable to use.

With lower running and maintenance costs, switching to EGO Power* will lead to long term savings.  Plus with zero emissions during use, you can do your bit to reduce your impact on the environment too.

The EGO Power+ Range

At Robert Kee Power Equipment we stock a large range of EGO Power+ Cordless Garden Equipment.  One of the more popular items is the EGO LM2102E-SP Cordless Mower, it is the most powerful rechargeable mower on the market today!  Powered by the industry’s most powerful battery, the first ever 56-volt lithium-ion battery has 40% more power than the leading 40-volt battery.  The features include: a 20″ deck, 3-in-1 cutting option – mulching, bagging or side discharge and LED headlights for anytime mowing.   The EGO Power+ Mower emits 20% less noise than a petrol powered mower and the compact foldable design makes storing and cleaning the mower more convenient than ever!

The LM2102E-SP has a large cutting capacity which lets you comfortably tackle any lawn in less passes, while the large capacity bags needs emptying less often.  The variable speed self-propel motor keeps you in control as you cut.  Plus on a single charge our battery gives you up to 50 minutes run time.  Automatic Variable Speed, delivers optimal cutting speed to maximise battery run time whilst maintaining grass cutting performance. EGO LM2102E-SP Battery Powered Lawnmower






So if you think that cordless cutting is the way forward then don’t miss out on our fantastic offer of 10% off all EGO Cordless Lawnmowers, with Nationwide delivery available take the stress out of shopping and let us deliver it straight to your home.

Keeping that tidy look to your lawn with a Strimmer

May 31, 2018 by admin

With the spell of warm weather we are having the grass is definitely growing and there are plenty of tidying jobs that need done in the garden, you will likely be mowing the lawn on a weekly basis, so to keep that neat and tidy look to the edges your lawn and to get into all those areas that your lawnmower just can’t quite reach the best tool you can be using is a strimmer.

There is such a wide range of strimmers and brushcutters available now that start from really lightweight domestic ones right through to backpack and powerful models that are more suitable for the professional landscaper or if you have a large area of thick dense grass to get through.

Husqvarna Professional Strimmer






To ensure you get the maximum results from your machine it should be serviced regularly.  We have listed some handy tips on maintaining your brushcutter.

Check the Cutting Tools

Before using your brushcutter it is important to check it over and ensure the guard has no damage or cracks to it.  If there is any damage it must be replaced or fixed otherwise the machine will not be safe to use.  Also check the cutting tools to ensure there is no damage to the mowing head, if using a metal cutting blade ensure it is not bent or needing sharpened and if using trimmer line ensure it is not tangled or crossed in the mowing head.

Use the correct Fuel

Most petrol grass strimmers and brushcutters use 2-stroke engines. Two-stroke engines should always be run on a mixture of petrol and good-quality two-stroke oil. Always check your operator’s manual for petrol/oil mix details and consider a mixing bottle for accurate measurements and ease of use.

However the excellent new range of Honda Brushcutters are all 4-stroke machines meaning they only require unleaded petrol to run. If you are using an older model of Honda Brushcutter in may be 2-stroke so always check your operator’s manual before use.

Clean your Brushcutter or Strimmer Regularly

Regularly clean the brushcutter’s guard and cutting tools.  We recommend you use an all-purpose cleaner.  Check that the cutting tool is properly mounted on the deflector, this is important for keeping the line at a constant length.  You should also clean the air filter regularly.

After every use of your machine it is encouraged to clean the outside of it and make sure that the harness is not damaged to keep you safe each time you use it.

Use Protective Clothing

Operator using Strimmer with PPE






As with every piece of garden equipment always ensure that you put your safety first and use the correct personal protective equipment.  You should always use protective eyewear and a visor, protective trousers and boots and don’t forget about gloves and ear protection too!

Storing your Brushcutter or Strimmer

At the end of the grass cutting season or if you know you won’t be using your brushcutter or strimmer for a while there are a few things you must do before storing it to ensure that it will still be in good condition when you next use it.

Drain the Fuel Tank

Most fuel only has a short life span of approximately 30 days so always drain any remaining fuel from the tank after the last use. You can use Aspen Alkyate petrol which has a longer shelf life and is better for your engine.  It is also free from benzene, sulphur and other harmful emissions which makes it better for your health and the environment.

Check for any damage

Give your machine a good check over and replace any parts that may have got damaged.

Check the Spark Plug

Remove the spark plug and examine it, if it needs cleaning or replacing it is a good idea to do so before you store the machine.

Following these steps your machine should be in great condition when you take it out to start working again after the winter period.

At Robert Kee Power Equipment we only stock Strimmers and Brushcutters from reputable brands so you can be assured that you are receiving a quality product.  Check out our full range of Petrol Brushcutters and Strimmer or our Cordless Range also available.

If you are unsure of which machine would suit your needs best call one of our showrooms in Laghey or Letterkenny and speak with our expert sales team who will advise you on the best machine or why not call instore and see the range for yourself.

The Quad Squad – Reasons why farmer are not walking anymore

May 7, 2018 by admin

The Quad Squad – Reasons why farmer are not walking anymore


Why are farmers not walking the fields anymore? The answer is very simple. Quad bikes!  Once you start farming from the comfort, flexibility and stability of a good ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) or Quad bike, you will never set foot on the ground again.   You will wonder how you managed before that trusty quad put the fun back into farming.

On a serious note though, it is evident that more and more farmers are joining the quad squad.  Happy out as they navigate wet and dry landscapes and control livestock from the relative ease of the ATV saddle.  The modern day cowboy farmer fully appreciates the easy get on-and-off-nature of a quad bike for tackling the daily jobs.  You can haul small amounts of equipment, tow trailers and herd livestock with ease of movement and dexterity.  It’s a no brainer really. Quads are fast becoming the new farming tool of choice.

Let’s face it, not only is a quad practical and useful, it also is totally cool!!  Yeah, even if the only ones around to appreciate your uber-cool quad moves are some disinterested chicken and some startled calves, quad bikes are super awesome.   Sure, you might get a deal wetter than you would in the relative warmth of the tractor cab, and you may put on a few pounds as you refuse to use your legs for anything other than getting on and off your hot quad machine, but it will be worth it.

Sean O'Brien with Honda Quads






At Robert Kee’s we have a large selection of new and second hand quads  for your every need, from the standard 2 wheel drive farm Quad to the heavy duty Honda TRX420FM1 . No matter what you need it for, a Honda ATV has the technology and performance you require to get the job done. Browse our range of Honda Quads online or call instore and see them for yourself. As an extra temptation, 0% Finance is currently available to agricultural customers, providing another good reason to invest.

Of course, even the most fabulous farmer of the Quad Squad puts safety as a priority.  A good training session is needed before you can fully enjoy the quad experience and a few rules are essential to getting the best from your ATV.

Honda Quad





  • Take her Handy. Speeding is not advisable on the quad.
  • Go Solo. No passengers allowed.
  • Be well balanced. No unstable loads.
  • Don’t tow heavy loads.
  • Be sensible about steeper slops, ruts and uneven ground.
  • Drive with a helmet… your brain is too precious

So, come test drive some of the best off road ATV’S in Donegal. At Robert Kee’s we have a warm welcome, friendly staff, and possibly the best off road ride of your life!  Come along and rock the Quad.

Healthier Gardening for you and the environment with STIHL Cordless Power Systems

April 24, 2018 by admin

Healthier gardening for you and the environment, with the STIHL Cordless Power Systems

At Robert Kee Power Equipment we are noticing that our customers are becoming more conscious of their health. They are especially aware of pollutants that are harmful to both their own health and to the environment and are looking for garden equipment that is more environmentally friendly.  With EU Environment ministers agreeing to focus on cutting emissions, most garden equipment manufacturers are now also producing a range of cordless, battery powered machinery that can compete against the Petrol Powered machines we have been using for years.  This option is so much more environmentally friendly and still gives amazing results.

Now you might think battery power means low power or that it will be a lot more expensive. However, this is not the case at all.  Those smart people at STIHL have developed a range of Cordless garden power tools from the COMPACT Power System for the domestic homeowner, right through to the PRO Cordless tools which are perfect for professional gardeners and landscapers.  This ranges include Chainsaws, Brush cutters, Pole Saws, Blowers and Hedge trimmers.  The best thing about this range of equipment is the clever innovation of having the STIHL battery fit into every tool in the cordless range! This means you only need to buy one battery for all tools.

Stihl Battery Power






What are the benefits of the STIHL Cordless Power Range?

*             Eco-Friendly – No Fumes or pollutants from oil or petrol
*             Powerful – Stands up against Petrol Power
*             Lightweight – easier to manage holding and carrying equipment
*             Easy to start – just the push of a button
*             Interchangeable Batteries – One battery will fit the range of equipment
*             Less Maintenance – No Servicing costs. Just sharpen the blades and make sure all working parts are lubricated regularly.
*             Quiet – Suitable for use in noise sensitive areas such as hospitals and residential areas.

The Cordless Power System

The STIHL Cordless power tools range features the innovative lithium-ion power packs.  These deliver plenty of power and with their unique high energy density and so, they are a battery packing well above their weight.  What’s more, they are a long lasting battery and can be charged several hundred times without any noticeable loss of energy.

You can revolutionise the peace and tranquillity of gardening with this equipment.  So quiet, so portable and so emissions free that the birds and bees will be undisturbed as you freshen up their habitat. It also gives you complete freedom of movement while carrying out your gardening jobs.

Here is our pick of the range.

Stihl MSA200 c-bq Cordless Chainsaw







The STIHL MSA 200 C-BQ is the most powerful cordless chainsaw in the range.  The high torque and excellent cutting capacity is great for dealing with a range of tasks.  Thanks to its quiet EC motor, the saw is perfect to use in areas where too much noise is unwelcome.  The specially developed STIHL 1/4″ PM3 saw chain achieves outstanding cutting power and smooth running behaviour.  Compatible with both the STIHL AP and AR Batteries.


Stihl FSA85 Cordless Strimmer








The STIHL FSA85 Cordless Strimmer is a light, quiet and powerful cordless brushcutter with an easy-to-use AutoCut C 4-2 nylon line mowing head and extended cutting circle for thinning work and for mowing smaller areas. This strimmer has a practical spacer bracket for mowing along obstacles and around trees and bushes. It is ideal for mowing work in noise-sensitive environments such as parks and cemeteries.

Stihl HSA56 Cordless Hedgetrimmer







The Stihl HSA56 Battery Hedgetrimmer Kit.  Whether you are pruning shrubs or tackling hedges, the HSA 56 is the perfect choice. It is light and simple to use and this hedge trimmer has been designed with comfort in mind. Thanks to the cordless technology, it is also a quiet tool. The impressive cutting performance will make light work of all those trimming jobs around the garden.

We must all try to walk more lightly on the planet.  Our gardens should be havens for nature to flourish and thrive.  So if you are looking to invest in some new garden equipment that is both kinder to the environment and also to your own health, the STIHL Cordless Power System is a fantastic range of equipment to choose from.  Speak with one of our dedicated Sales Team today and they will advise you on the best machine and battery type to suit your needs.  Alternatively, you can check out our full range online at www.robertkee.ie



Spring Cleaning Under Pressure

April 18, 2018 by admin

Spring Cleaning Under Pressure

– Top uses for pressure washers around the home

You have the lawn started, so what’s next on your list of jobs around the garden?  What about the patio?  It’s looking a bit grubby after the long wet winter period.   Let’s hope that the sun will make an appearance this year and we will all be making great use of our patio area for BBQ’s and garden parties … fingers crossed! If you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect time to invest in a pressure washer.

Pressure Washers are becoming an increasingly handy piece of equipment to have around the house. They are versatile enough to complete a wide range of cleaning tasks, such as cleaning that patios, the walls, the bins and even the car.  It is also one of the most satisfying jobs that you will do this year. You cannot under-estimate the good feeling of chasing the grime away with a strong powerful jet of water.  This may be the closest you get to being an ‘empowered’ super-hero all year!

At Robert Kee Power Equipment we stock a large range of Pressure Washers suitable for both domestic and commercial purposes and for all would-be super heroes.

Here are our top jobs to get the best use out of your pressure washer around the home.

Cleaning your Garden Equipment
Give your lawnmower or strimmer a wash after use to ensure the grass clipping do not build up under the deck or guard.  A build-up of grass will restrict the collection ability of your mower and keep it from working to optimum performance.

Cleaning the Patio or decking
This is probably one of the most popular uses for the pressure washer.  Cleaning your patio and decking areas could not be easier with the trusty PdPro Honda  GX200 Portable Pressure washer .  Be sure to use a good detergent and it will have your patio looking like new in no time. A variety of attachments are available for getting into the more awkward places and for banishing all types of dirt and grime.

Clean your car
There is now, no need to struggle with sponge and bucket to clean the car.  A range of attachments are available such as wash brushes, cleaning sets and also a range of cleaning agents that will tackle the dirtiest of vehicles.  As pressure washers are powerful devices, ensure that you have the pressure set correctly before pointing it at your beloved car so you don’t damage the paint.

Driveways, Brick Walls. Pathways, Fences, Boats, Trailers and the Family Cat.

Ok.  Don’t power-wash the cat. Other than the family pet, there is a vast amount of uses for a good pressure washer. Especially after the wet and stormy winter.

Choosing your Pressure Washer

At Robert Kee Power Equipment we have a large selection of Pressure Washers in stock, but which one suits your needs best?

Electric Pressure washers can be used for so many jobs around the home, they are ideal for cleaning decking, patios, garden furniture, bicycles and even the wheelie bin!  They are compact and easy to use and most are easily transported around the garden.

Stihl RE119 Pressure Washer







Petrol Pressure Washers are more suited to commercial users or an area where there is no electricity supply.  They are much larger in size but will have more pressure than an electric model which makes them more suitable for heavy duty cleaning of outside areas.  Some petrol pressure washers will come on a trolley frame that make them easier to transport.

PDPro Pressure Washer







Whatever your needs, we are we are sure to have the perfect machine for you.  Check out our range online, which are available for home delivery or drop into the store in Laghey or Letterkenny, Co. Donegal where our helpful staff will answer any questions you may have.

A new way to maintain your lawn – The Robotic Mower

March 30, 2018 by admin

Spring is upon us at last and that only means one thing! … The grass is starting to grow!  “It’s almost that time of year again”, you sigh at the thought of having to maintain your lawn  throughout the upcoming summer months.  While most of us dream of spending our weekends going on day trips, swimming with the kids, organising trips to the beach and enjoying barbeques, the reality may be much different. The likelihood is, that you will only get to do those things when all the jobs around the house are done. That now includes mowing the lawn.  Well the solution is here! No more trudging up and down the lawn and hoping that those rain cloud will stay away until you’re finished. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the Husqvarna Automower.  This robotic lawnmower is an amazing piece of technology that will not only take the task of mowing the lawn completely off your hands, it will keep cutting even if that rain cloud does burst.

“Robotic Lawnmower?” you say? The Husqvarna Automower is not new to the market, Husqvarna introduced their first model in 1995 and have been developing them into the most proven, reliable and extensive range of robotic lawnmowers available. It uses razor-sharp blades to cut every blade of grass little by little, resulting in a lush, green lawn that conventional blades cannot achieve.  The lawn is mowed frequently, in rain or shine, producing grass so small that no collection is needed.  With people now so pressured for time in our busy world, these unique machines are becoming increasingly popular and they come in a variety of models suited to lawns ranging in size from .15 acre to 1.24 Acre.

So, you may be thinking that this is a high maintenance machine. Not at all. It is so simple to own and operate.   Once the initial installation is complete, it is just a matter of ‘setting it and then forgetting it’.  You can pre-programme the amount of hours a day that you’re Automower will cut and it will automatically adapt its cutting setting to maximise its mowing time during periods of strong grass growth. This means that your lawn will always have a beautiful ‘freshly cut’ look to it.    There are many other benefits to the Automower such as its advanced navigation system, the management of steep slopes and how it cuts uneven lawns.  It has such low noise that you will hardly notice it  rolling around the garden doing its job quickly and quietly, So no disturbing your neighbour whether you are cutting at 11 o’clock in the morning or 11 o’clock at night.  What is great about the Automower is that it gives great cutting results in any type of weather. Even,  if it’s not the best of days outside, your lawn will still be looking manicured to perfection while you are cosied up on the sofa with a cuppa.  The list of benefits of the Automower are extensive and you  will be left wondering how you ever managed without this amazing piece of technology.

Husqvarna Automower

How do you manage to get a stunning lawn with no effort at all – despite bad weather, steep slopes and narrow passages? The answer is simple – The Husqvarna Automower. Take back your weekends!https://robertkee.ie/search/Automower

Posted by Robert Kee Power Equipment on Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Although they are on the higher end of the scale with prices starting from €1250, but this is far outweighed by the small running costs.  The robotic lawnmower is extremely economical to run, with an estimated cost of €12 per year on electricity and just your regular annual servicing.  However, no price can be put on the time freed up to make special memories with family and friends.   That is definitely priceless.

For more information on the Husqvarna Automower speak with one of our sales team at Robert Kee Power Equipment and we can let you know which model will suit your needs best.

First lawn cut of the year- Getting your lawnmower ready

by admin

Spring is in full bloom. Not a day goes by without someone mentioning the grand stretch in the evenings and how we won’t feel it till the clocks go back. And they are right. It is lovely to hear the birds singing in the early morning light and to appreciate the budding trees and flowers.  Nature is waking up to a late Spring, the daffodils are blooming, the lambs are bounding round the fields and the grass is growing.  The grass is growing. And that means one thing. Time to take the lawnmower out.

Proud gardeners will be gearing up for the first of the many lawn cuttings of the year.  Some people love this task while others survey the scene in deep dismay. These miserable souls know that the dreaded will be repeated in a just a few weeks and thereafter on a fortnightly basis. But, love it or hate it, that grass must be cut, unless you chose the option of grazing wild goats on the green area (In fairness, there are some downsides to this option).    Lawn mowing certainly becomes pleasurable when you have the right tools for the job.  A well serviced, working lawnmower will make life easier. Whether you have a walk behind mower, a ride-on, front deck, electric, battery or petrol, all lawnmowers deserve a little wake up attention before the season of grass cutting begins.

Repairs to lawnmower






Drop your machine in to your local lawnmower servicing shop to ensure that it is in full working order. If you intend to do the necessary yourself, then remember to:

  • Remove the spark plugs before starting work
  • Ensure that those plugs are undamaged and replace them if you feel it is necessary
  • Change the oil
  • Tighten up all screws
  • Sharpen the blades
  • Change the petrol/ 2 stroke
  • Clean the filter

If you have any worries, call the experts.  Our trained staff are always available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Once your lawnmower is in good working order, avoid the temptation to pop off for a cuppa or a quick lie down and just grab the that bull by the horns (so to speak) and start mowing.    The first lawn cut of the year should only top the grass and shouldn’t chop it back mercilessly.  Think of it as letting the grass get used to being cut, by taking a third or less of the growth. This minimises stress on your lawn and promotes healthy grass growth.

Irish weather is so unpredictable that cutting can often be postponed, sometimes for weeks.  Wet weather makes lawn cutting more difficult, but not impossible.  However, if the ground is too damp or waterlogged you may run into problems, depending on your type of lawnmower.  Inclement weather brings problems with compaction of soil, and clogged grass boxes.  The wet grass itself can causes its own issues.   Be careful as wet grass can be a bit slippery to walk on, so take extra care.  The cuttings may tend to clump also, and your blades may need to be super sharp, to get a good cut. On top of this, the chlorophyll in wet grass are inclined to stain everything, including, your clothes, your paths and even your house. So, if your preference of house colour does not include lime green speckles, you might want to wait for a drier day.    If you do want to mow and it looks like dry weather is a long-lost myth from the past, then try raising the mowing height of your lawn mower to reduce the load. Empty the bag/box more often as this will mean less weight and keep your speed down to reduce load on the lawnmower blade.

A good lawn mower is a definite advantage in all weathers and for all types of lawns.  At Robert Kee Power Equipment, we know that maintaining your lawn can be time consuming and hard work. Our machines are designed to make your life easier.  To this end, we stock the super deluxe robotic lawnmower, that brings futuristic gardening to the very heart of Ireland.  The  Husqvarna Automower allows  you to forget everything you know about lawn care.  It is an automower, a robotic concept that does the work for you – without supervision, and  around the clock.   Fancy!

But if you are not yet in the market for such a sophisticated robotic lawn mower, we have a fine range of mowers to suit every lawn, from stately homes to apartment balconies. Our expert staff are happy to answer your mower related queries and advise on your lawn cutting solutions.  That first lawn cutting, might be the first of many, but there is no reason why mowing the lawn shouldn’t be a happy task to take you tight through to winter.