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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will try and answer some of the most common questions we get asked everyday.

My machine was working when I put it away but now won't start?

Quite often starting problems are a direct result of stale fuel, modern fuels have a very short shelf life, if you are not likely to use the machine within the next 4 to 8 weeks or longer it can be advisable too run the machine out of fuel before laying it up, then when you come to put it back into service refill the tank with fresh fuel that has recently been purchased, avoid using fuel that has been kept for long periods in a container as this too will have "gone off" and may also contain water due to condensation.

Can I put boat Two-Stroke oil in my Two Stroke lawnmower/ strimmer/ chainsaw?

We would never recommend putting boat Two-Stroke oil in garden machinery as it can cause irreversible costly damage very quickly. Air-cooled engines run a lot hotter than water-cooled 2 stroke engines and thus you need to use the correct oil for the right engine. As a general rule of thumb agricultural Two-Stroke oil is red in colour while boat Two-Stroke oil is blue and is to be avoided in air-cooled engines.

What oil do I put in my lawnmower?

We recommend a straight SAE30 oil, we supply and use quality FUCHS agriculture grade oil suitable for all garden machinery.

What Two Stroke mix do I put in my strimmer/ blower/ chainsaw?

We would always recommend consulting the user manual for the correct mix, but if that's not available then a good guide is 25:1, we sell a very handy mixing bottle which allows you to mix up just the right amount for a range of mixes, do NOT try to guess a mix, you can cause €100's worth of damage in seconds if you don't get it right.

Can I use old engine oil in my chainsaw to lubricate the chain?

Definitely NOT, while old engine oil may seem a good idea it contains lots of particles and dirt and will very soon cause irreversible damage to the pump which can make for a costly repair required, at the very least it will clog the pick up filter and starve the chain of much needed lubrication and cause the chain and bar to wear very quickly, using the correct chain oil will extend the life of the chain, bar and oil pump.

I have too many items in my basket!

Every time you click on the "Add to Cart" button, another item is added to the total. If you find you have too many of one particular item in your cart simply click on "View Cart" at the upper right of the screen. You can then amend the quantity and click either "Update" to continue shopping, or "Checkout Now" to finish the order and pay.

Where is my stuff? How long will my goods take to arrive?

Most of our products are delivered on a Next Working Day Service if ordered before 12 noon the previous working day, this is if stock levels permit and is not a guarantee! (we have over 95% order fulfillment on next day delivery items). Larger heavy items that require a pallet delivery (e.g. Chain Harrows, cement mixers, etc ) usually take 3 - 4 working days. We are not able to give delivery times on any free delivery services. Please be aware that not all products are available for delivery – some items need to be collected in store.

Allow time before chasing

Please allow up to 5 working days before calling to chase your delivery. Many uncommon spare parts are ordered on request and generally, you should allow 10 working days, although most common parts will be sooner.

What happens if goods arrive damaged?

Upon delivery, please inspect all goods thoroughly before signing. Check for any signs of damage, including the packaging. If you are unfortunate enough to receive damaged or missing items, you must either refuse the delivery (If Badly Damaged) or ensure it is noted on the courier's paperwork. You must then inform us, in writing within 3 working days of the delivery, otherwise, we cannot accept liability. No claims concerning damaged or broken items can be made after the courier has left the delivery address unless they have been signed for as "damaged".

I ordered two different items but only one has arrived.

Don't worry, many of our items are shipped from different warehouses. Different items may travel via different carriers, and so you will most likely receive two deliveries. If you have not received your items after five working days, please see above "Where is my stuff?"

Does Robert Kee have a printed catalogue?

Our website is our catalog and we currently do not print a fully bound book. We do however send a special offers brochure via email, or if preferred, we can post one to you and can provide manufacturer brochures and leaflets. We can provide printed matter on some specific products.

Does Robert Kee ship goods outside of Ireland?

Yes, we do, but restrictions apply. Currently, we can only deliver machinery to the Republic of Ireland mainland addresses. Some machines can go to local islands such as Arranmore, Tory, etc. Smaller items such as parts can be shipped internationally, but are subject to additional postage which is calculated at the checkout. Call us on 074 9721805 for more info.

Do you do Product Servicing?

Yes – Robert Kee will handle all warranty/guarantee issues, and also has a full-service workshop with trained machinery mechanics.

I have run my petrol machine with no engine oil and it has seized - that's covered by warranty, right?

Sorry no. The number one rule with petrol engine machines is that you MUST ensure there is the correct amount of oil in the engine as specified by the manufacturer. No manufacturer will entertain warranty claims for seized engines that have been caused by a lack of oil.

I need a Spare Part, can you help?

Robert Kee offers comprehensive parts ordering service, but to progress your inquiry, we need to know the following information: Manufacturer of the machine, Model of the machine, Type of machine, Age of machine, Serial Number, Specific Part required with lots of detail.
Please note we will be looking at computer databases, parts lists, and diagrams and we will almost certainly NOT have an example real-life machine to look at. Enquires not providing this information will not be processed.

Where is Robert Kee based?

If you are in the Donegal area, why not visit one of our two showrooms? We have one based on the Port Road, Letterkenny, & one based in Laghey, which is situated 5min outside Donegal (on the Sligo Road). We have a large range on display and you can see the robotic lawnmowers in action. Please note if you are visiting to view a specific item please contact us first to make sure we have it on display.

Our Contact details:

Robert Kee Power Equipment
Co. Donegal.

Tel:  074 9721805 (Laghey)
Fax: 074 9721807

Robert Kee Power Equipment
Port Road,
Co. Donegal.

Tel:  074 9188011 (Letterkenny)
Fax: 074 9188069


Robert Kee are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments please email us at

We are happy to take orders via Fax.

We are happy to take orders from Local Government, Schools, Colleges, and Charities. Just fax your order to us and we will contact you to arrange payment. We can supply pre-sale invoices for your Purchase Orders.

I need help with my new petrol powered machine!

Petrol powered machines are supplied "Dry" - this means you need to add motor oil before using. You should read the operators manual fully before use. If you do not have a manual you need to contact us immediately before using the machine. Failure to use the correct oil with your machine will result in damage to the engine.

A guide for new petrol machines is available. Let us know if you require it & we can post/ email a copy to you.

Modern Petrol Lawnmowers - they have changed.....

Some observations from a Robert Kee Customer:

“If you are used to the way petrol lawnmowers worked in the past, then you will find that a new lawn mower is different in many ways.

First, there is a 'safety' cut out bar up at the handle. If you do not pull the safety bar, then the engine will not start. If you let go, then it will stop. No more idling while you empty the grass box. You are going to have to start the engine again.

Second, the throttle either doesn't exist or doesn't do what you might expect. There is probably a choke to help start a cold engine, and this might be engaged by pushing a 'throttle' lever to the end, but otherwise, the lever will have little or no effect on the speed of the engine.

This has come about as a consequence of that safety device, above. The only time the engine runs is when you are holding the handle to use it. So a single speed of engine operation is all that is required, a bit like an electric lawnmower.

However, on a petrol lawnmower, there is usually a load-feedback mechanism so that it gets more fuel when put under load. This is automatic and you do not need to do anything about it. You will hear the engine rev up a little when you get to that tough bit...

If you do not like the speed at which your engine is set to run then you need to check the manual to see if there is an adjuster or talk to your supplier. Robert Kee has been very good in this regard.

Happy grass-cutting!”

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