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Robert Kee Savings Club - Terms & Conditions

1. R.A Kee & Sons Ltd are the company that are running this club and the decisions and the records of the company are final.

2. To enter into the Savings Club, a deposit of 10% off the item(s) costs must be covered, which is non-refundable. Payments to be made periodically online. Please contact for further details.

3. In regards to items for Christmas, payment must be paid in full by the 12th of December for items that require delivery. The final collection of items in our Donegal branches must be on or before 19th December, by 1 pm. 

4. In the rare case the item you reserved becomes unavailable, R.A Kee & Sons will try and replace the item with a similar item or otherwise notify the club member at the earliest possible time and a full refund will be issued. 

5. R.A Kee & Sons will keep a full record of payments which is available instore through our Sales Team and online through our support team []. 

6. The Christmas Club is only open for full-priced items only. Items offered at a discounted/sale price are exempted from the Christmas Club and payment must be paid in full.


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