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Berg Buzzy Yellow Basket
€19.00 inc VAT
Berg Safety Helmet (Small)
€29.95 inc VAT
Berg LED Light Set
€55.00 inc VAT
Berg Medium Trailer [Reppy]
Length 73cm (29")
Width 50cm (19.5")
Height 35cm (13.5")
Weight 3kg
€105.00 inc VAT
Berg Tandem Large Trailer [Buddy & Rally]
Length 124cm (49")
Width 67cm (26")
Height 34cm (13.5")
Weight 9kg
€209.00 inc VAT
Berg Lift Unit Bundle
€257.00 inc VAT
Berg Buzzy Trailer S
€95.00 inc VAT
Berg Buddy Trailer
out of stock
€129.00 inc VAT
Berg Steel Trailer [BFR]
Length 134cm (53")
Width 78cm (31")
Height 43cm (17")
Weight 19.2kg
€259.00 inc VAT
Berg Tandem XL Trailer [BFR]
Length 134cm (53")
Width 72cm (28")
Height 42cm (16.5")
Weight 19.2kg
€305.00 inc VAT
Berg Front Lifting Unit
out of stock
€129.00 inc VAT
Berg Speedometer
€49.00 inc VAT
Berg Pallet Fork
€145.00 inc VAT
Berg Lift Bucket
€145.00 inc VAT
Berg Dozer Blade
€140.00 inc VAT
Berg Rear Lifting Unit
€129.00 inc VAT
Berg Black Farm Roll Bar
€115.00 inc VAT
Berg Mirror Set
€39.00 inc VAT
Berg Two Tone Horn
€29.00 inc VAT
Berg Universal Safety flag
€15.00 inc VAT
Berg Flag Fitting Kit
€10.00 inc VAT
Berg Buddy Flag Kit
€19.00 inc VAT
Berg Blue Light Cover
€17.00 inc VAT
Berg Buddy Tow Bar Attachment
€15.00 inc VAT
Berg Flashing Orange Light With Pole
out of stock
€75.00 inc VAT
Berg Buddy Light On Pole
€59.00 inc VAT
Berg Orange Light For Roll Bar
€49.00 inc VAT
Berg Push Handle XS
€29.00 inc VAT

Berg Go-Kart Accessories

Let the imagination of the young ones run wild with the right accessory for their Berg pedal go-kart. With a wide range of Berg Accessories available, to suit all interests and age, there is something for everyone.

With a Berg Pedal Go-Kart, your young ones are sure to have great fun in the outdoors. With many models fitted with an adjustable seat, these machines are built so that the owner grows with the Go-Kart rather than outgrow it. Berg has over 30 years of experience in designing and producing top of the range children pedal go-karts. Leaders in innovation, Berg’s team are constantly working on updating and improving products. These high-quality products are made to last. Parents should not have to worry about the safety of their toys. All products are made with children’s safety first.

If your little one is busy helping Dad or Grandad around the farm in the evenings, the Berg Farming range from the likes of New Holland and John Deere is for you. Transform their large Berg Go-Kart into a real working machine with the right attachments. From Front/Rear Lifting Units, Pallet Forks, Lifting Buckets, Steel Trailers and much more, you can guarantee endless adventures and memories.

If farming is not for you, fear not, we have you covered. For the racing enthusiasts, the Berg LCD computer and flag kit are ideal to transform their pedal go-kart into a racing machine. Add a trailer to help mum or dad with the gardening, or a police siren and blue light to have your own little policeman about. An additional seat allows the user to have double the fun when siblings or friends are around to play. 

The possibilities are endless with the right imagination and accessory from Berg. Give your child the childhood that you had, with endless outdoor adventures and let their imaginations run free.

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