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Cutting tree with Husqvarna Chainsaw

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Stihl Chainsaw MS 241C-M
Engine Size 42.6cm³
Power Output 2.3kW/3.1bhp
Bar Length 13", 15" or 16"
Weight 4.5 kg
Stihl Chainsaw MS 261 C-M
Engine Size 50.2cm³
Power Output 3.0kW/4.1bhp
Bar Length 13", 15" or 16"
Weight 5 kg
Stihl Chainsaw MS 362 C-M
Engine Size 59cm³
Power Output 3.5kW/4.8bhp
Bar Length 16", 18" or 20"
Weight 5.6 kg
€850.00Now €799.00
Stihl Chainsaw MS 441
Engine Size 70.7cm³
Power Output 4.1kW/5.6bhp
Bar Length 16", 18" or 20"
Weight 6.6 kg
€975.00Now €950.00
Stihl Chainsaw MS 461
Engine Size 76.5cm³
Power Output 4.4kW/6bhp
Bar Length 18", 20" or 25"
Weight 6.7 kg
€1045.00Now €995.00
Stihl Chainsaw MS 661 C-M
Engine Size 91.1cm³
Power Output 5.4kW/7.3bhp
Bar Length 18", 20" or 25"
Weight 7.4 kg
€1170.00Now €1150.00
Stihl Chainsaw MS 880
Engine Size 121.6cm³
Power Output 6.4kW/8.7bhp
Bar Length 30", 36" or 48"
Weight 10 kg
€1534.00Now €1495.00
STIHL Chainsaw MS201TC-M
Engine Size 35.2cm³
Power Output 1.8kW/2.4bhp
Bar Length 12" or 14"
Weight 3.7 kg
Husqvarna 365 Semi-Professional Chainsaw
Engine Size 70,3cm³
Power Output 3.6kW
Bar Length 18"/20"
Weight 6.4 kg
€685.00Now €665.00
Husqvarna T540XP Professional Chainsaw
Engine Size 37.7cm³
Power Output 1.8kW
Bar Length 12"
Weight 3.9 kg
€750.00Now €685.00
Husqvarna 550XP® Professional Chainsaw
Engine Size 50.1cm³
Power Output 3.8kW
Bar Length 13" or 15"
Weight 4.9 kg
€699.00Now €665.00
Husqvarna 560XP Professional Chainsaw
Engine Size 59.8cm³
Power Output 3.5kW
Bar Length 13", 15" or 18"
Weight 5.9 kg
€845.00Now €785.00
Husqvarna 372XP Professional Chainsaw
Engine Size 70.7cm³
Power Output 4.1kW
Bar Length 18" or 20"
Weight 6.5 kg
€975.00Now €940.00
Husqvarna 576XP® Professional Chainsaw
Engine Size 73.5cm³
Power Output 4.2kW
Bar Length 20" or 24"
Weight 6.6 kg
€1075.00Now €960.00
Husqvarna 395XP ChainsawNo Stock
Engine Size 93.6cm³
Power Output 4.9kW
Bar Length 24" or 28"
Weight 7.9 kg

Professional Chainsaws

If you are working in Forestry it is essential to have the correct tools and equipment. At Robert Kee, Donegal we have a large range of professional chainsaws from STIHL and Husqvarna suitable for the job, with low weight and high performance these saws are essential for thinning work and felling trees. These Top handle Chainsaw are suitable for professional tree surgeons and Arborists as they can be used with one hand whenever needed, professional saws are lightweight and a compact design so they do not cause operator fatigue if using for long periods of time. We stock a large range of Chainsaw accessories to ensure optimum performance at all times - these include Genuine Replacement Chainsaw Chains, Guide Bars, Fuels, Oils and Lubricants and Files and Holders also all the essential PPE and safety equipment required whilst working with Chainsaws.

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