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Payment Methods at Robert Kee 


Payment Methods   

The following methods of payment are accepted

Visa and Mastercard Credit & Debit Cards
VISA and Mastercard (Eurocard) payments are accepted, both Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode are supported - You can directly input your credit card details on our secure server when placing an order.

Both Euro & Sterling are accepted in both our locations.

PayPal, the fast, free, easy, secure way to make online payments, in 56 countries and regions. With PayPal, you can shop without sharing your financial information - privacy is built in. And you control how you pay (bank account, your PayPal balance or credit card).

You can also use paypal even if you have no account set up with them, it is still a fast, secure way of using your credit/debit card for buying online.

Bank Transfer
If paying by Bank Transfer we can forward you a copy of our Bank Details for both Sterling and Euro payments.  

One4All Gift Card (In-Store Only) 
We accept One4All Gift Cards as payment for goods. We are unable to process One4All Cards for our website. 


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