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Stihl AK10 Battery
Energy Content 72 Wh
Capacity 1.4 Ah
Charge Voltage 36v
Weight 0.8kg
€99.00 inc VAT
Stihl AK20 Battery
Energy Content 144 Wh
Capacity 2.8 Ah
Charge Voltage 36v
Weight 1.2 kg
€145.00 inc VAT
Stihl AK30 Battery
Weight 1.3kg
Capacity 5.2 Ah
Energy Content 172 Wh
Charge Voltage 36v
€195.00 inc VAT
Stihl FSA45 Cordless Grass Trimmer
Recommended Battery Integrated
Battery Run Time Up To 20 Minutes
Standard Cutting Head PolyCut 2-2
Weight 2.3kg
was €169.00€159.00 inc VAT
Stihl AL101 Battery Charger
Power Output 0.1kW
Charging Current 1.6A
€70.00 inc VAT
Stihl HSA45 Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Rated Voltage 18 Volts
Blade Length 20" (50cm)
Battery Integrated
Run Time 40 Minutes
€169.00 inc VAT
Stihl AR3000L 36V Battery Backpack
Battery Cell Technology Lithium-Ion PRO
Weight 6.8kg
Capacity 41.2Ah
Rated Voltage 36V
€2195.00 inc VAT
Stihl AR2000L Backpack Battery
out of stock
Battery Cell Technology Lithium-Ion PRO
Weight 7.4kg
Capacity 27.4 Ah
Rated Voltage 36V
€1495.00 inc VAT
Stihl KGA770 Cordless Sweeper
out of stock
Recommended Battery AP 100
Run Time AP 100 Up To 84 Mins
Run Time AP 200 Up To 168 Mins
Run Time AP 300 Up To 210 Mins
€935.00 inc VAT
Stihl GHE250 Electric Garden Chipper
Power 2000 watts
Rated Voltage 230 v
Cutting Tool Multi-Cut 250
Branch Thickness 30mm
€595.00 inc VAT
Stihl RLA240 Cordless Lawn Scarifier
Cutting Width 34cm
Sound power level LWAd dB(A) 92
Working Depth 15mm
Grass Catcher Box 50L
€359.00 inc VAT
Stihl GTA 26 Pruner
Cordless Technology Lithium-Ion PRO
Weight 1.2kg
Bar Length 10cm
Sound Pressure Level 77dB(A)
€175.00 inc VAT
Stihl HLA66 Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Recommended battery AP200
Weight 3.8kg
Vibration Value, Left/Right 2.3/1.8 m/s2
Sound Power Level dB(A) 91
€485.00 inc VAT
Stihl FSA86R Cordless Strimmer
Recommended Battery AP200
Weight without battery 3.3 kg
Rated Voltage 36V
Battery Run Time with AP100 up to 15 mins
€345.00 inc VAT
Stihl RMA 253 Cordless Lawnmower
Cutting width 51 cm / 20"
Cutting Height 25-75 mm
Grass box Capacity 55 litres
Weight 23 kg
€529.00 inc VAT
Stihl BGA45 Cordless Blower
Max Air Speed 44 m/s
Battery Integrated
Weight (Inc Battery) 2kg
Sound Level 79 db(A)
was €169.00€159.00 inc VAT
Stihl KMA135R Cordless Kombi Engine Unit - Body Only
Recommended Battery AP300s
Rated Voltage 240v
Weight 1.2kg
Battery Run Time with AP200 up to 28 mins
€449.00 inc VAT
Stihl HSA56 Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Voltage 36V
Knife Length 45cm
Total Length 94cm
Weight (Excluding Battery) 2.9kg
€229.00 inc VAT
Stihl SEA 20 Cordless Vacuum
out of stock
€139.00 inc VAT
Stihl MSA161T Cordless Chainsaw
Recommended Batery AP200
Run Time with AP100 up to 18 mins
Run Time with AP200 up to 42 mins
Run Time with AP300 up to 50 min
€475.00 inc VAT
Stihl FSA60R Cordless Brushcutter
Total Length 168cm
Rated Voltage 36V
Battery Run Time with AK10 up to 13 mins
Battery Run Time with AK30 up to 30 mins
€320.00 inc VAT
STIHL FSA130R Cordless Brushcutter Body Only
Total Length 175cm
Standard Cutting Tool AutoCut C 26-2
Weight 3.9kg
Rated Voltage 36V
€570.00 inc VAT
Stihl FSA135R Cordless Brushcutter
Rated Voltage 36V
Weight 4.3kg
Total Length 184cm
Cutting Diameter 420mm
was €595.00€555.00 inc VAT
Stihl BGA200 Cordless Blower
Max Air Speed 84 m/s
Recommended Battery AR3000
Battery Life Time AR3000 500/ 220/ 117 min
Sound Level 91 db(A)
€495.00 inc VAT
Stihl RMA248 Cordless Lawnmower
Recommended Battery AK30
Start ES Electrostart
Cutting Deck Steel
Cutting Height min/max 25mm - 75mm
€529.00 inc VAT
Stihl BGA57 Battery Blower Kit
Rated Voltage 36V
Sound Pressure Level 79.0 dB(A)
Sound Power Level 91 dB(A)
Vibration level right 2.5m/s²
was €340.00€319.00 inc VAT
STIHL HSA66 Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Recommended Battery AP 100
Blade Length 50cm / 20"
Battery Run Time with AP100 Up to 72 mins
Weight exc battery 3.1kg
€339.00 inc VAT
Stihl HSA86 Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Rated Voltage 36 volts
Battery Run Time with AP100 Up to 60 mins
Run with with AP200 up to 120 mins
Run Time with AP300 up to 180 mins
€389.00 inc VAT
STIHL BGA86 Cordless Blower
Battery Run Time with AR1000 up to 65 mins
Weight exc battery 3.2kg
Air Volume at Nozzle 665m³/h
Warranty 2 Years (Domestic Use) / 1 Yea...
€325.00 inc VAT
Stihl BGA100 Cordless Blower
Max Air Speed 63 m/s
Recommended Battery AR3000
Battery Life Time AR3000 395 / 160 / 100 / 75 min
Sound Level 90 db(A)
€479.00 inc VAT
Stihl FSA90R Cordless Brushcutter
Recommended Battery AP300
Battery Run Time with AP300 up to 30 mins
Standard Cutting Tool AutoCut 25-2
Weight without battery 2.8kg
€499.00 inc VAT
Stihl HSA94R Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Blade Length 60cm
Rated Voltage 36v
Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 83
Vibration Level right m/s 3.1
€625.00 inc VAT

Stihl Cordless, Battery & Electrical Products

If you are thinking about going all Electrical with your next gardening products, then the Stihl Cordless & Battery range is for you. With years of research and development, there is no doubt the Stihl’s Crodless machines are on par with their petrol equivalents. Whether you live is a built up area and have a small garden to cover, or you are tired of needing fuel and realising harmful emissions into the world, you will love the Stihl Battery Products. Once you have a fully charged battery, which can be easily charged within your home using a Stihl battery charger, you can select what base model gardening equipment you need to maintain a great and tidy garden. The Stihl electrical range is super quiet, so you can use the equipment at all times of the day without having the fear of disturbing anyone. Whether you are looking for a Stihl Cordless Lawnmower, or Stihl Battery Operated Strimmers, at Robert Kee we have a something suitable that will help you tackle any gardening tasks and create a garden you can be proud of.

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