Berg Go-Karts, What’s new 2019

September 24, 2019 by admin

The ever popular Berg Go-Karts are always a huge hit at Christmas, there is something for all age groups and budgets. So if you are starting looking round for that extra special Christmas present then here is our guide to what is new this year.

Berg Reppy Go-Kart Range

There are 3 designs in the Reppy Range – The Reppy Rider, The Reppy Racer and the Reppy Rebel. Suitable for Age 2 1/2 to 6 these striking go-karts are perfect for your youngster. The features include bucket seat and a cool soundbox on the steering wheel which has 4 different sound effects. The adjustable seat will ensure this go-kart will grow with your child and they will have the best fun for years to come.

Berg Buddy Range

Some new additions to the Berg Buddy Range this year with the introduction of the Buddy Lua and the New Buddy B-Orange. The Buddy range is suitable for Age 3-8 years. The Lua comes in beautiful pink and mint colours with fantastic graphics it is a real eye-catching design. The Buddy B-Orange is very maneuverable and fast. In a bright orange colour with striking blue stickers it will definitely get noticed.

Berg Rally Force BFR Go-Kart

This cool, compact go-kart is ideal for children aged 4-12 years old. The BERG Rally Force comes in great colours and has a cool front spoiler. This makes it the ultimate racing edition within the rally go-kart series.

Berg Black Edition BFR Go-Kart

One of the larger Go-karts that is new for 2019, the BERG Black Edition BFR. Strong and indestructible, this is an impressive and robust go-kart. With a special black and orange design and sleek front spoiler and mudguards i’d say this will be a very popular go-kart this Christmas.

Berg Tandem XL Trailer

The perfect addition to your go-kart. This new Tandem XL trailer is suitable for use with all Large BERG BFR Model Go-Karts. It has a 40kg Max capacity weight and a large 75 litre load capacity so you will certainly be able to pull a large load around. It has a tipper function also for easy emptying of your trailer and double wheels for extra stability.

Overall we have some great new additions to the BERG Go-Kart range this winter along with all the old favourites such as the BERG Extra, Buddy Range and Buzzy. There is something for all age groups even the big kids!

Christmas Savings Club

Our Christmas savings club is now open and taking deposits for BERG Go-Karts and also Junior Quads and Petrol Buggy’s and bicycles. A minimum deposit of 10% is required to secure the item and the cost can be spread from now to Christmas. Secure online payment is available and also nationwide delivery.

If you need any advise please contact one of our sales team who will be happy to over you any information you need.

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