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Honda WX10 Water Pump
Engine 97cc 4-stroke LC152F
Power 1.6hp / 1.2kW
Flow Rate 8000 LPH
Weight 13kg
Honda WB20 Water Pump
Engine Honda GX120 4-stroke
Pressure 3.2 bar
Max output 600 litres/min
Weight 21kg
Honda WB30 Water Pump
Engine Honda GX160 4-stroke
Pressure 2.8 bar
Max output 1100 litres/min
Weight 27kg
Honda WT20 Water Pump
Engine Honda GX160 4-stroke
Pressure 3 bar
Max output 710 litres/min
Weight 47kg

Honda Water Pumps

Portable water pumps are an ideal choice for homeowners, gardeners and boat owners, Honda water pumps are lightweight and perfectly compact and easy to transport; they also push out good volume and distance when you need it.  If its a professional pump you are after our powerful high flow rate pumps are designed to deal with large volumes.  They are powered by the Honda commercial grade GX engine.  

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