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Kenda Pathfinder Tyre
€62.00 inc VAT
Kenda Bear Claw Quad Tyre
€89.95 inc VAT
Maxxis Quad Tyres
€60.00 inc VAT
BKT Quad Tyres
€95.00 inc VAT
Vee Rubber Quad Tyres
€85.95 inc VAT
Tubeless D.I.Y Puncture Repair Kit
out of stock
€14.95 inc VAT

Quad Tyres

ATV farming quads have become one of the most important pieces of machinery on the farm. With such a vast amount of jobs a farming quad can carry out, there is no doubt that they have become a farmers favourite vehicle. But with so much usage and so much demand, all the work can have its toll on the quad.
Good tyres on a quad are vital to remain safe whilst in use. With so many different sorts of terrain to tackle, whether you are driving up slippy wet grass hills to feed your animals or driving on a rough piece of road you may not be aware of the conditions of your tyres.
At Robert Kee, we stock highly durable and reliable replacement tires for your ATV. We offer fitting in stores or Free Nationwide Delivery throughout Ireland if the travel to one of our stores is to far.

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