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Petrol Hedge Trimmers & Long Reach Hedgetrimmers

Petrol Hedge Trimmers and Long Reach Hedge Trimmers for sale all over the island of Ireland

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Stihl HS45 Hedge Trimmer
Displacement 27.2cm³
Tooth Spacing 30mm
Sound Pressure Level 97dB(A)
Sound Power Level 107 dB(A)
was €385.00€355.00 inc VAT
Stihl HS82T Hedge Trimmer
out of stock
Displacement 22.7cm³
Knife Length 24" (60cm)
Weight 5.1kg
Tooth Spacing 30 mm
€789.00 inc VAT
Efco DS2410HCL Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
Engine 21.7cc / 1.2hp
Blade Lengh 20" / 50cm
Blade pitch 35cm
Overall length of machine 240 cm / 2.4m
was €659.00€649.00 inc VAT
Legacy HT22 Hedge Trimmer
Engine 21.7cc /650kW
Weight 4.8kg
Fuel tank capacity 240ml
Blade Length 62cm / 24 inch
was €259.00€249.00 inc VAT
Stihl HS82R Hedge Trimmer
Displacement 22.7cm³
Power Output 0.7kW/1hp
Knife Length 24" (60cm) / 30" (75cm)
Sound Pressure Level 94dB(A)
was €789.00€699.00 inc VAT
Stihl HS56 C-E Hedge Trimmer
€695.00 inc VAT
Stihl HL91 KC-E Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Short Shaft
Displacement 24,1cm³
Blade Length 60cm
Total Length 168 cm
Weight 5.4kg
€835.00 inc VAT
Stihl HL92 C-E Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
Displacement 24,1cm³
Blade Length 50cm
Total Length 232 cm
Weight 6.0kg
was €825.00€795.00 inc VAT
Stihl HL94C-E Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
Displacement 24,1cm³
Knife Length 60cm
Weight 6.1kg
Teeth Opening 34mm
was €885.00€845.00 inc VAT
Husqvarna 525HE3 Pole Hedge Trimmer
Cutting speed 4,400 cut/min
Cylinder displacement 25.4 cm³
Power output 1 kW
Fuel tank volume 0.5 l
€875.00 inc VAT
Husqvarna 122HD45 Hedge Trimmer
Displacement 21.7cm³
Knife Length 18" / 45cm
Weight 4.7kg
Max Twig Diameter 20 mm
€375.00 inc VAT
Husqvarna 122HD60 Hedge Trimmer
Displacement 21.7cm³
Knife Length 23.5" / 60cm
Weight 4.9kg
Max Twig Diameter 20mm
was €410.00€395.00 inc VAT
Husqvarna 522HDR60X Hedge Trimmer
out of stock
Displacement 21.7cm³
Power Output 0.6kW
Knife Length 23.5" / 60cm
Weight 5.0kg
€729.00 inc VAT
Husqvarna 522HD60X Hedge Trimmer
Displacement 21.7cm³
Power Output 0.6kW
Knife Length 23.5" / 60cm
Weight 4.9kg
€729.00 inc VAT
Husqvarna 322HD60 Hedge Trimmer
€499.00 inc VAT
Husqvarna 522HDR75X Hedge Trimmer
out of stock
Displacement 21.7cm³
Knife Length 30" / 75cm
Weight 5.2kg
Sound Pressure Level 93dB(A)
€759.00 inc VAT
Husqvarna 525HE4 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
€899.00 inc VAT
Husqvarna 325HE4 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
out of stock
Displacement 25.4cm³
Power Output 1.0 kW
Knife Length 55cm
Weight 6.4kg
€780.00 inc VAT

Petrol Hedge Trimmers

We stock a large range of petrol hedge trimmers both in store and online from leading brands such as STIHL and Husqvarna. Petrol hedge trimmers are powerful and come in a range of different models with a variety of blade lengths that are ideal for large areas or landscaping. We have both single sided blades and double sided blades for for domestic and professional users. Perhaps you need a long reach hedge trimmer for those tall hedges around your property? We have an extensive range of long reach petrol hedge trimmers featuring telescoping handles that are perfect for trimming high hedges. Check out the Stihl HL94C-E Long Reach Hedgetrimmer with a total lenth of 242cm.  Free Nationwide Delivery!

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