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Arrangement of Honda Versatool hanging in shed

Kombi-System Attachments

Kombi-System Attachments (20 found)
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Stihl Steel Shaft Extension Attachment
Tool Steel Extension Shaft
Overall Length 100cm
Weight 1.4kg
Stihl Carbon Fibre Shaft Extension Attachment
Tool Carbon Fibre Extension Shaft
Overall Length 100cm
Weight 0.9kg
Stihl  KM-FSB Metal Brushcutter Attachment
Tool KM-FS Brushcutter
Overall Length 94cm
Weight 1.2kg
Stihl KM-FS Nylon Brushcutter Attachment
Tool KM-FS Brushcutter
Overall Length 94cm
Weight 1.2kg
Stihl KM-FCB Straight Shaft Edger Attachment
Tool KM-FCB Bent Shaft Edger
Overall Length 92cm
Weight 2.3kg
Stihl KM-BG KombiTool - Blower Attachment
Tool KM-BG Blower
Overall Length 89cm
Weight 1.8kg
Stihl KM-HT Pole Pruner Attachment
Tool KM-HT Pole Pruner
Overall Length 126cm
Weight 1.8kg
Stihl KM-BF KombiTool - Cultivator Attachment
Tool KM-BF Cultivator
Overall Length 100cm
Weight 4.1kg
Stihl KM-HL Hedge Trimmer 145° Adjustable Attachment
Tool HL-KM 145º Hedgetrimmer
Overall Length 148cm
Weight 2.3kg
Stihl KB-KM-Bristle Brush Attachment
Tool KM-KB Bristle Brush
Overall Length 125cm
Weight 6.4kg
Stihl KM-FH Scrub Cutter 135° Adjustable AttachmentNo Stock
Tool KM-FH 135° Scrub Cutter
Overall Length 133cm
Weight 2.4kg
Stihl KombiTool - Rubber Brush Power Sweep Attachment
Tool KW-KM Power Swep
Overall Length 125cm
Weight 7.4kg
Honda VersaTool - Extension Pole Attachment
Honda VersaTool - Brushcutter Attachment
Honda VersaTool - Blower Attachment
Honda VersaTool - Edger Attachment

Kombi System Attachments

A large variety of attachments available to complete most tasks in the garden.  From edging lawns to pruning trees and clearing leaves, there is an attachment for it.  The Stihl Kombi System features 12 different attachments and the Honda Versatool features 9 different attachments.  You can soon build a collection of all the tools available.  Fast Nationwide Delivery available.

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