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Long reach and ultra high garden ladders for gardening and cutting headges and trees.

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Hendon 8FT Platform Tripod Ladder
Height 7'7 FT (231cm)
Number Of Steps 5
Weight 7.5 KG
Width 4'3 FT (129cm)
€395.00 inc VAT
Hendon 6FT Three Leg Adjustable Ladder
€385.00 inc VAT
Hendon 10FT Platform Tripod Ladder
Height 9'7 FT (291cm)
Hedge Height 8 - 9 FT
Number Of Steps 7
Weight 10.1 KG
€475.00 inc VAT
Hendon 12FT Platform Tripod Ladder
Height 11'6 FT (350cm)
Hedge Height 12 - 13 FT
Number Of Steps 9
Weight 11.6 KG
€515.00 inc VAT
Hendon 8FT Three Leg Adjustable Ladder
Height 7'5 FT (225cm)
Hedge Height 8 - 9 FT
Number Of Steps 8
Weight 8.7 KG
€509.95 inc VAT
Hendon 10FT Three Leg Adjustable Ladder
Height 9'4 FT (284cm)
Hedge Height 9 - 10 FT
Number Of Steps 10
Weight 11.2 KG
€525.00 inc VAT
Hendon 12FT Three Leg Adjustable Ladder
Height 11'2 FT (341cm)
Hedge Height 12 - 13 FT
Number Of Steps 12
Weight 12.7 KG
€560.00 inc VAT
Hendon 14FT Three Leg Adjustable Ladder
Height 13'1 FT (399cm)
Hedge Height 14 - 15 FT
Number Of Steps 14
Weight 16 KG
€599.95 inc VAT
Hendon Ladder Rubber Foot
out of stock
€7.95 inc VAT
Hendon Ladder Spare Pin Set
€12.95 inc VAT

Hendon Tripod Garden Ladders

Hendon offers excellent versatility and practicality in their range of Tripod Garden Ladders. Designed for topiary, a garden ladder has multiple uses, including pruning, hedge trimming and more. The stable foundation formed by the three-legged design allows you to work at height on even ground or on lawns. Made by aluminium, Hendon Hedge Ladders are extremely robust and are incredibly lightweight, even at the largest sizes within the range. The clawed feet provide extra grip on surfaces like grass. The rubber feet available for the Hendon Ladders allows you to work inside or on floors that are sensitive to scratches. 

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